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COVID-19 & You Maintaining mental health during times of stress

Many of you may be experiencing heightened anxiety and stress as the threat of our COVID-19 pandemic increases. This is completely understandable and is something you shouldn't be ashamed of or reluctant to talk about with your family, friends and, if needed, a mental health professional. Anxiety is a natural response and can sometimes manifest itself when we are faced with an unknown fear. While our bodies and our minds are designed to handle a certain level of anxiety, ongoing and long-standing anxiety can, and usually does, negatively impact our mental, emotional an physical health. Your best option is to find healthy and effective alternatives to manage your stress and anxiety.

Whether you're under a self-quarantine or simply staying in, take your focus off the current situation and make it about spending good quality and long-overdo family time with your loved ones. Focus on your children. Find happiness doing all the 'home' tasks that you've been putting off all these years. Reorganize your space, do a little spring cleaning or re-arrange your home one room at a time. When your children ask you to play with them, do it. If you're feeling anxious about this situation your children probably are too, and spending a little time with your kids each day may alleviate that feeling for them. As for you, talk to a friend, make your favorite soup and read a good book. Do something you've been putting off. Keep busy and soften your focus and this too shall pass.

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