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It's definitely not the best of times, but that's okay.

Alright parents, how difficult has this pandemic been for you? Let’s face it, parenting is not easy even in the best of times, and this is definitely not the best of times. Even if we all put aside our fears of contracting COVID19, and anger for how it’s impacted our lives and our children, parenting during a pandemic is tough. Believe me, I know. I have four children of my own. Just making it to lunchtime is exhausting.

Yes, the difficulty level of parenting in 2020 is off the charts. The best advice I can give, as we look toward a long winter at home with kids, is to find it within yourself to just be okay with being okay. You can blame it on 2020 or COVID, but whatever you choose to blame it on, make sure it's not on you. Do the best you can, and if you're tired, do about half as good as you did yesterday and hope for a better tomorrow.

Right now, when life’s totally crazy, it’s okay to lower the bar a little if it preserves your sanity and eases your mind. Sure you may not feel like mother or father of the year, but 2020 takes the cake for chaos and challenge, so ease up a bit and give yourself a little room for error. If the dishes aren’t done and the kids aren’t in bed by 8, so be it. Get some sleep and try again tomorrow.

Until next time, take care friends,


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