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Mainstreet's Mental Health Minute

Just in case you missed it, yesterday we started the Mainstreet Counseling Mental Health Minute on Big Radio 93.7 FM. This new segment serves as one way for Mainstreet to deliver useful information and professional encouragement on mental health topics in 60 seconds or less. I know one minute doesn't seem like much time, but trust me, 60 seconds is more than enough time for me to cut through the noise and get to the heart of some very important topics.

Yesterday, in recognition of Suicide Prevention Awareness Month, I touched on how important and life changing one awkward conversation can be, to not only someone struggling with depression or suicidal thoughts, but to the individual initiating the awkwardness as well. Personal growth and a deeper, more meaningful friendship await those who care enough to ask "Are you okay?" and to listen to that person if they are not.

It's pretty common, when discussing suicide, to focus solely on the individuals struggling- after all they deserve and require our attention. But we must not forget to pay attention to, endorse, and support the family members and friends of those individuals. For they are the people on the frontlines fighting for the well-being and survival of their loved ones.

In honor of those who have stepped up and taken it upon themselves to initiate the awkward and ask the personal... Well done. You make a difference. From this professional licensed counselor to all you professional, true friends, thank you. Yesterday's Mental Health Minute was dedicated to you.

If you missed yesterday's edition of the Mainstreet Counseling Mental Health Minute, no worries. We've archived it HERE.

Until next time, take care friends.


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